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  • Having and acting on exclusive, timely information is the single most important difference between winning and losing in fantasy football.
  • Make sure that you know the deadline for lineup changes each week.
  • Know your league waiver wire rules. Are the rosters locked over the weekend? Are pickups and drops allowed at any time? etc…
  • At the draft, you should have a cheat sheet, a copy of the rules, paper, and a pen.

Just like with the stock market, relying on magazines, hearsay and ‘experts’ will surely get you in trouble. The only use for the magazines is to have a real, physical reference – or to even out a wobbly chair.

Know your league's scoring rules before selecting certain players (very important). Don't let favoritism play a role in your player selections.

Don’t be a quitter. If you find you are out of playoff contention, play the role of spoiler – it’s almost as fun as being the champion.

All information sources are not created equal. Use a free one that will give you all the info you need in a timely manner